Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome Rain

You’ve wound the wire
You’ve set the fence
Around your heart
Around you’ll dance.

The jubilance falls down your hair
The jubilance was born to bend
Your chariot’s waiting at the stair
Your chariot swings once round again.

Around the park
Around your heart
You’ve wound the fence
You’ve played the part.

A good girl waits ‘til after dark
‘til aft the rains have moaned and poured
She bends and stands and mends her heart
She knows she’ll break it once more.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Are you happy
Inside your bright little eyes
Your wide inward smile and triangle tongue
Your bright eyes what have they spied in their time
But you are pure of heart and mind

You are a fragile girl twice my age
A baby I will find
Who has more love
More spunk and power
More than enough hugs to get you by

You lean on me and kiss my hand
We walk through a haze of melted stars
I wonder why they were your cards
And I wonder where your sadness hides
When I see the sunshine in your eyes

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

yesterday's song

she never wrote a song
so strong
until this piece of her was gone
her tears fell
as her heart lay undone

her mark upon this earth
has no value
to a frozen soul
and why she gave it her whole
we’ll never know

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exit Stage One

I hear the trumpets blaring
Oh life is so wonderful
Super in every way

Starting as a sweet voice
hum sing sing hum softly
at first
until the treble raises to the sky
hair turning under my nerves
as screams and mud melt
through the unbroken silence

The creatures running
as they squish squeal and swirl
the muddy goop spreading
darkness falling
happy fading
burning at the edges

I hear
the trumpets calling
hooves of hounds pounding
my heart beating
the steel eyelashes
of a soulless woman
batting into ash

A small bird flirts with bursts of wind
twirls in air
she falls
and with the world falling all around
I reach out to catch her
trumpets at my door

Calmness finally spreading
as I stand tall again
I've given up
I accept all dismissals
as if I were a leaf accepting nothing
for it is a leaf
It has no say.

I hear the trumpets blaring
Oh life is so wonderful
Super in every way

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Regina and the Sunrise

Her smile stacked up
like a pile of gym equipment
encouraging a thoughtless splendor

Her clouds swollen gray
no space for a star
She sat dumbfounded by her grief

her eyes running out of time
twisting in place
But her mind finds
a calm moment
within which to despair

One more conclusion will find its place
amidst stars of confusion

All the bright solid colors of the sky
emblazoned to her eyes
like melted crayons on an oil slick

Her ideas sprawled the landscape
to come up bare and bleeding
Her smile Folded like a spineless hand of cards
as she looked up
to see the sun was missing from a clear blue morning sky

And there she pondered what she stole
her sunrise fading
her smile a silver candy wrapper
oozing with the satisfaction
of a rich dark chocolate

Thursday, August 19, 2010


My love represents
The longest shortest distance between us
I can touch you so far away
And time will stand still
Until we love
Side by side again

Into our breath
A rush of lightening,
Slanted wisps of rain
Nature provides the seatbelt of our love
I see you close, riding with me
As if I had you yesterday
You’re still here

My heart is caving in beside you
We are here no matter what the circumstances
And everyone will see
And everyone will realize our love
Has no boundary

Sunny highlights introduce themselves on Sky Theater,
A cloud swept plateau provides the stage.
It’s tremendous,
Our love can reach past mountains, time, and human nature.
I can feel you in the next room,
Your whispers brush my ear
And you don’t seem so far now...

Center-stage and they’re watching
Baby kiss me
Let the blood flow from our fears
Let the love fill up our tears
Let the breath between us cease
Until I’m in your arms again

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dead Bum in a Ditch

The beauty is not in the suffering...

What suffering person
who truly suffered
truly looked beautiful?

To all you poets and artists
Seeds of vanity plant pity within thumbprints of saddened soils
And then you march to kitchen drawers
and demand a new knife with which to cut your arm.

But you cannot say suffering truly has its way.

Find beauty scarred, sunken, starving
paint it's picture
because you feel beautiful next to it.
Then for the rest of the day, sit on the windowsill, smoke your cigarettes.
Maybe go for a coffee and a walk at 3 PM
Feel how beautiful you must look as you clearly suffer.
Then write.
Then feel.
And then you know you will write.

You feel inside you a moment within which to find a beautiful thing
A beautifully painful thing.
And share it with the world.
You wrap it in tissue paper taped in needles
smear blood on it
call it a whore.
They will say oh! They will cry and feel the pain.
They will clap as you bow down the stage
While the one who truly suffers says nothing at all
just falls
goes away.

And the applause echoes down a lonely hall
A piano echoes back
The most beautiful of chords
As art and suffering hold hands and skip vainly down the sidewalk together.